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0.2L: one and half minutes

0.6L(maximum): about three minutes

*time may vary by temperature and other circumstances

Light weight of approx. 0.9kg (pot body) for easy handling.
Can boil 0.6L water at one time, while small form factor design.
Special handle, nozzle and spout design enables good control of pouring water, especially for brewing coffee with pour-over.

This is called “Steam Inlet Cover” and it is BPA free.

To find the serial number, please use one of the following options:

There are 2 serial numbers for BALMUDA The Pot.
You can find the serial number on the bottom of BALMUDA The Pot and the backside of the base.

For more information please contact BALMUDA Singapore or our website:

BALMUDA Singapore
Tel: +65 6850 5092 / +65 6250 2213
Web: https://viso.com.sg



Please fell free to contact us for any technical assistance at:

BALMUDA Singapore
Tel: +65 6850 5092 / +65 6250 2213
Web: https://viso.com.sg

This is not a malfunction. When you put water inside of The Pot, the unit will sit stable on base.

Water may leak from BALMUDA The Pot in the cases such as over-tilting, loosely placed lid, or overfilling water.

In some cases water leakage happens by safety function of BALMUDA The Pot. When water is fully boiled, BALMUDA The Pot detects steam going in duct inside of BALMUDA The Pot. With this detection of steam, BALMUDA The Pot shuts down automatically. After a while the steam will condensate and remain in the duct. In some cases the condensation leaks outside.

Not Dishwasher Safe

Outside: Wipe BALMUDA The Pot with a tightly wrung soft cloth.

Inside: Rinse the inside of BALMUDA The Pot with water only.
Wipe the power base with a tightly wrung soft cloth.
Descaling: To clean off inside of BALMUDA The Pot, follow the procedure below.
(picture and word in “Cleaning” section of instruction manual)

As a safety function, bimetal in BALMUDA The Pot detects vacant or small amounts of water. In that case, BALMUDA The Pot automatically shuts down to avoid overheating.

No. The Pot will automatically shut down when water is fully boiled.

No. The Pot has only the function of boiling water.

When boiling water, surface of The Pot does become hot. Do not touch any surface other than the handle (including outer surface, lid, and nozzle) when boiling water, or for some time after boiling water.